One of the many things to add to your wedding planning list is that of the wedding car choice. There are so many different types to choose from so it really is a case of finding the style you want. Maybe the venue will have a bearing on your choice, or a particular brand of car or just personal preference. Next thing to look at is what is available in your area or will you have to search further afield. Depending on the location of the wedding car company you choose, this may affect the price that you pay. However, that being said, there usually won’t be too much of a difference either way, even if they are coming from a nearby city or town.

My Wedding Car Choice

When planning my wedding, one of the things I was really specific about was the wedding car that we would be taken from the Church to the reception in. That, for me, had to be a Range Rover, simply because I love them. The company I chose were who specialise in providing luxury wedding cars in Fife.

The Land Rover Range Rover Spec

The spec of this Range Rover had to be exactly what I was looking for and to my amazement it was. Newer model, 2014 and onwards I think, white with the two tone black upper half and upgraded alloys and also the cream leather interior.

Other Wedding Cars

Another car they had available for me to view was a white Mercedes C Class AMG. Year 2013 with extremely luxury Napa leather interior, finished on the outside with the usual ribbons.

Other Wedding Choices

Now that I had the wedding car sorted, the one thing I still had to make a decision on was the wedding dress! Shocking I know. I had a least narrowed it down to a long sleeve dress for both the dress and the evening dress. I had also made a decision on what supplier to go with and that was Darius Cordell. After many changes and discussions I had selected an evening dress. If you are struggling, I would suggest checking all their long sleeve evening dresses as the choices are vast.